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Study Abroad Peer Mentors

Study Abroad Peer Mentors 

Peer mentors are a group of undergraduate student volunteers that have studied abroad during their time at SLU. If you have any questions regarding study abroad, these are the people to reach out to! All peer mentors have unique skills and experiences that can help you with whatever you need. 

Kasey Whipple Bio
Kasey Whipple: Senior - Psychology (Minors in Human Resource Management and German)

Kasey (she/her) is the Peer Mentor coordinator and studied abroad in Vienna, Austria through the Webster University program. She lived in a hotel/dorm in a single room with a shared kitchen. Her major is psychology, and she is pursuing minors in German studies and human resource management. When going abroad she applied for an Austrian visa on her own. She traveled to 10 different countries in Europe during her time abroad, both solo and with friends from several different study abroad programs. Kasey welcomes any questions about cultural differences, adjusting to living alone, making friends when you don’t know anyone in your host country, or just to talk!

Ways to Contact Kasey
Text/Whatsapp: +1(618)-308-7147
Instagram: kasey_whipple

Elise Bollard
Elise Bollard: Senior - Physical Therapy (Exercise Science)
Elise studied abroad in Rome during the fall 2022 semester through Loyola’s John Felice Rome Center program. While abroad, she lived in dorm style housing on the Rome campus. She traveled to 11 countries and 21 different cities throughout Europe during her time abroad. Her favorite trips were Ireland and a solo trip in Paris! She is studying exercise science in the physical therapy program with a minor in psychology. Elise is excited to answer any questions about the visa process, studying abroad as a physical therapy student, language barriers, or the John Felice Rome Center! 

Ways to Contact Elise
Text/WhatsApp: (224)330-0566
Instagram: elise.bollard

Eden PM Photo
Eden Capewell: Senior- Healthcare Ethics (Minor in Women and Gender Studies)
Eden (she/her) studied abroad in Vienna, Austria for one academic year through the Webster University program. She lived in a dorm in a single room with a shared kitchen. She is currently majoring in healthcare ethics with a minor in women and gender studies. Eden obtained a year-long visa on her own and is happy to give advice to students applying for a year abroad and the nuances that extended time away may entail compared to semester study abroad students. During her time abroad, she travelled all over the European continent both solo and with friends she made along the way and is happy to give tips on cheap travel! Eden additionally lived in Europe for several years during her teen years, so she welcomes any and all questions about life abroad in whatever context that may be! 

Ways to Contact Eden
Whatsapp: 312-720-5484

Colleen Chulick - Bio Picture
Colleen Chulick: Senior - Finance (Concentration in Real Estate)
Colleen is a peer mentor who studied abroad in Rome for the Spring semester of 2023. She lived in an on campus dorm with a random roommate. She traveled to a total of 9 different countries during her time in Europe. She did 2 weeks of solo traveling around Italy after her semester ended. Colleen would love to talk and answer any questions about studying, living, paying for, and preparing for studying abroad! 

Ways to Contact Colleen

Marin Bio Photo
Marin Finnerty: Junior - Communications
Marin is a junior communications major with a minor in studio art. She studied abroad through the Fordham London program in the spring of her sophomore year in 2023. Although she did not know anyone going to London, she took the plunge and ended up meeting one of her best friends through this program. She mostly stayed in England for her time abroad and became adapted to the day to day life. This included daily walks around Soho and weekly visits to Hampstead Heath for cold-water swimming. Marin loved her time in London and can't wait to chat about any questions! 

Ways to contact Marin

Alfredo - Bio Picture
Alfredo MacLaughlin: Senior - Psychology
Alfredo studied abroad in Scotland for a semester. He lived in the student accommodations on the Paisley campus at the University of the West of Scotland. He worked on psychology research with the university faculty during his time abroad. Alfredo is happy to chat about the different school system, culture, travel spots, and anything else related to studying abroad! 

Ways to Contact Alfredo

Toni PM photo
Toni Lanter-Mason: Junior - Marketing
Toni (she/her) studied abroad in London, England through the Fordham University London program. She lived in an apartment with four other girls, sharing a room, bathroom, and kitchen. She is a marketing major. While abroad she was able to travel to 6 different countries with many different people. She was able to put herself out there and make friends from various different schools. She welcomes any questions about adjusting to living with others, being at a different school, making friends, and being in a new place.

Ways to Contact Toni
Text/Whatsapp: 618-960-2443
Instagram: toni.lm

Meaghan McGee
Meaghan McGee: Senior - Physical Therapy (Exercise Science) (Minor in Special Education)
Meaghan (she/her) is a student in the PT program who studied abroad in Galway, Ireland for one semester. While in Galway she lived in an apartment in the city center with other SLU students. One of her favorite things about Galway was how easy it was to explore the city on foot, and she would love to share her favorite Galway spots! In her free time, she explored Ireland and traveled to 8 other countries. Meaghan would love to talk about the classes she took and the registration process, finances abroad, and transportation in Ireland, and any other questions you may have about your study abroad experience!

Ways to Contact Meaghan

Angela Bio Photo
Angela Oasay: Senior - Marketing & Finance (Concentration in Real Estate)
Angela (she/her) studied abroad in Geneva, Switzerland for the Fall 2022 semester. She lived in a student apartment complex located in Geneva near the main river of the city. While abroad, she studied at Webster University Geneva and traveled to several different countries on the weekends. Her favorite countries that she visited were Italy, United Kingdom, and Spain. Angela is happy to chat and answer any question about her time in Geneva and traveling experiences! 

Ways to Contact Angela

Aileen headshot
Aileen O'Connor: Junior - English (Minors in Visual Communication and American Studies)
Aileen studied abroad in Leiden, the Netherlands through Webster University. She lived in a shared studio apartment with another SLU student in a complex located right in the city center and just minutes from Webster's campus. She visited several new countries but loved spending time getting to know Leiden and the surrounding area. While abroad she learned to navigate the Dutch public transit system, residency process, and the challenges of everyday living in a new place. She is happy to answer any questions or to help you find resources to make the most of your time abroad!

Ways to contact Aileen
Text/Whatsapp: 224-634-5564
Instagram: aileen.oc

Susie PM photo
Susie Seidel: Senior - Leadership & Human Resources Management
Susie studied abroad in Vienna, Austria through the Webster University program. She lived in a hotel in a single room with a shared kitchen. Her major is Leadership & Human Resources with a minor in Theological Studies. Her program assisted her in obtaining an Austrian Visa on arrival. Susie's favorite places she traveled to were London, Rome, Copenhagen, and Budapest, among many other amazing experiences. More than any place, the best part of her experience was the people she met along the way. Susie would love to answer any questions or share more about her experience.

Ways to Contact Susie
Text/Whatsapp: 314-775-3173
Instagram: susieseidel

Sophie Trad- cropped
Sophie Trad: Junior - Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences (Minor in Sports Business)
Sophie Trad (she/her) studied abroad in Sorrento, Italy for the spring of 2023. She stayed in a shared apartment with two roommates, which was a 5 minute walk to campus and a 5 minute walk to the main Piazza (Plaza) of town. While living abroad, Sophie traveled to numerous countries and regions across Italy, her most favorite being Sorrento itself! She applied for a Visa on her own and is very familiar with the Italian Visa process. Additionally, she traveled on her own to London and Sicily, both of which challenged her mentally but were the most rewarding and gorgeous places she visited. Sophie is happy to chat and help about anything abroad-related such as homesickness, making friends, immersion of the culture, and more! 

Ways to Contact Sophie

Grace Turner
Grace Turner: Junior - Women's and Gender Studies (Minor in Communications and Creative Writing)
Grace is a Women’s and Gender Studies major and Communications minor. She studied abroad in Galway, Ireland in the Spring semester of 2023 where she lived in an apartment that was a 25 minute walk to campus. She lived with one other SLU student and three Irish students attending the National University of Ireland, Galway. Galway is a super walkable city, but she had to learn very quickly to always be prepared for getting caught in the rain when leaving the house. Her favorite trips outside of Ireland were Italy and Switzerland and her favorite travel experience was a wine tour of the Tuscan countryside. Grace would love to be someone who students can talk to about studying abroad outside of Madrid’s program, staying in hostels, navigating transportation when visiting other countries, and all things Galway! 

Ways to Contact Grace

Monique Valdepenas
Monique Maerilyn Valdepenas: Junior - SLHS and Spanish
Monique (she/her) is double majoring in SLHS and Spanish. She was abroad in Santiago, Chile for 6 months. She lived with a host family and is very familiar with the application process, as well as other housing options in Santiago. She arrived 2 months before the start of the Chilean semester (March to July) where she travelled to the south of Chile with her host family and to the Chilean and Argentinian sides of Patagonia. During the school year she took Spanish intensive, poverty and development, language and cognition, and theatre classes, all taught in Spanish. Monique is happy to help with any doubts about language barriers, finances, planning trips in South America, and with any other questions you might have!

Ways to Contact Monique

Michelle Yakim
Michelle Yakim: Senior - Economics (Business)
Michelle studied abroad in London, England with Fordham University Gabelli School of Business during the fall semester of 2022. Michelle is an economics major in the business school on the pre-law track and is involved in sorority life, as well. She lived in a flat in Clerkenwell, London with 5 other girls. While there, she traveled to 10 countries on her own, with friends, and meeting friends there; favorite destinations include Vatican City, Dublin, and Copenhagen. Her most memorable experience was being at Buckingham Palace the night Queen Elizabeth II passed and seeing her final resting place at Windsor Castle. Michelle spent her free time taking walks in St. James’ Park and taking the train to cities throughout the United Kingdom. Michelle is excited to share her experiences, lessons learned, and helpful tips for studying abroad! 

Ways to Contact Michelle
Text/WhatsApp: (412) 228-7766
Instagram: _michelleyakim

Mariya Yasinovska: Junior - English (Minors in Psychology and Communication)
Mariya has studied abroad for a semester in Greece. She lived in an apartment in the heart of Athens with six other girls. While living abroad, she visited five European countries and five Greek islands, as well as other traveling around the country. Mariya was born in Ukraine and has internationally travelled various times to countries such as Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Mariya is always happy to chat and answer any questions on a variety of topics, such as questions about assimilation, culture differences, budgeting, and Greek island hopping (a personal favorite). 

Ways to Contact Mariya